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My name is Angela, and I am a Licensed Professional  Counselor (MA, LPC) serving clients in the greater Denver area. I believe we have important work to do together, and that the time you spend in my office will be life changing – for you, your loved ones, and your future. I looking forward to working with you.

I agree with the poet Mary Oliver when she describes our lives as “wild and precious”. Hugging a loved one, playing in the freshly fallen snow, or experiencing the energetic pull of good music all reinforce that belief that life is wild, and precious, and often passes by too quickly.

But sometimes we all feel disconnected from life’s wildness, and our experience of living becomes a dark and heavy cloud. We might believe we are not good enough, or that our life is out of control, or we might feel lonely, frightened, or overwhelmed. Nothing feels precious, least of all ourselves, and we struggle and fight (and sometimes give up fighting entirely) searching for that something that will make life feel worth it. We are hard on ourselves, even if we don’t realize it, and we seek comfort in bad habits, temporary fixes, rigid viewpoints, and the allure of other people. Life feels more and more empty and adopting healthier behaviors begins to feel impossible.

This is where our work together begins. Whether you are deeply troubled by your thoughts, emotions, and the events of your life, or you simply feel that there is some part of your life that can be improved, meeting with me is a bold step toward eliminating the struggle and reconnecting with life’s joy and vitality.

Sometimes life is extremely hard… and nothing can change that. I can help you be stronger in the face of life’s struggles, and most importantly, identify what makes life worth living, fully, no matter what else has come your way.

As an ACT therapist, I believe that we are all in this together. I am not an expert who gets to be exempt from the messy, difficult, and joyful process of being human – so I promise you won’t feel judged or “diagnosed” when you meet with me. I don’t experience you as broken or messed up. You are a human, experiencing normal human pain and struggle, but you no longer have to be stuck in that struggle. I can help you to live a life you will love. Schedule a free phone consultation with me today. Your precious journey begins now.

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